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Wed, Nov. 26th, 2008, 03:05 pm
r600_demo RV770 update

While we're still waiting for the ip review process to be finished, we continue making progress on understanding and utilizing the hardware.

I'm documenting everything we find out, which didn't make it into the regular chipset documentation, and will publish this (probably on a wiki) as soon as we are allowed to.

Alex stumbled over some document, and found out that the bitfield for the command number of ALU instructions for R7xx was shifted by one freaking bit! No wonder that the engine didn't behave as anticipated for integer coordinates. With that knowledge we were able to update the macros and verify that the RV770 indeed works like the previous chipsets.

No luck on RV710 and RV730 so far, though.

I have started on a Mesa DRI driver now, together with two ATI engeneers, Cooper and RichardZ. Given the size and complexity of a DRI driver it will probably take a while until we have something to show.

Will we be faster than the IP review process? Who knows...