Matthias Hopf (emmes) wrote,
Matthias Hopf

Network Image Installer

During our work in our preload department at SuSE we have to install our current image on several machines for each image version for smoke testing, which meant burning several DVDs per iteration (and there is typically one iteration per week!).
In order to ease this work flow I created a kiwi image for a CD or an USB stick for installing the latest image via network - the Network Image Installer. It's also capable of installing arbitrary openSUSE / Fedora / Ubuntu versions, so you never have to burn another DVD if you have a reasonably fast internet connection. Network detection is automatic, wireless requires the SSID etc. changed in a config file beforehand.

Find the sources on gitorious, I will eventually try to understand the functionality in the openSUSE build service to create images automatically, but for now you'll have to build the image yourself. I'll post when there is a downloadable image available.

Now I'm off to Fantasy Film Fest again .
Tags: fedora, kiwi, network installer, opensuse, ubuntu, usb stick

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