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Tue, Sep. 13th, 2011, 12:18 am
XDC: How to bring in more contributors

In my talk (or rather: structured discussion) "Methods of Attraction: How to bring in new contributors" on this year's X.org Developer's Conference I brought up reasons why open source projects often fail to attract new contributors, and some changes to help this.

During the discussion it turns out that for X.org the changes are either very non-trivial, or (better) somewhat implemented already (like the list of low hanging fruits, which basically boils down to our ToDo list and the Janitor subproject).

I didn't really expect any direct outcome from this discussion (as it's more like a meta discussion because we need to understand the real issues first), but I think it was fruitful especially in keeping everybody aware of the situation.

One interesting aspect regarding our (very) low female contributor ratio was brought up by Brian Cameron: The Gnome project has an apparently successful program to promote contributions of women in their project. Something to be checked out in the future, maybe X.org can join forces or set up something similar.