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Forging knives!

I have a spleen for rather - say - exotic weekend activities (remember the R8 tour?). This time, two friends of mine and I went close to the middle of nowhere to the local blacksmith in Hallerstein (his web page is German only), for a two days forging course .
The event was fantastic, apart from some major problems with the local power supply (the whole village went dark three times), so we had to setup a mobile power generator in order to power the fan for the smith's hearth. It went well, apart from the starter breaking on the first attempt to start up the generator (it was brand new ), but we were able to improvise.
After a lot of hammering (also involving a pneumatic hammer we used for pattern welding for our Damascus steel knifes), and hours of grinding and polishing, every one of us was the proud owner of two self-forged knives, one of monosteel and one of Damascus steel.

It was an amazing experience, but you definitely need the help of an experienced blacksmith like our Axel, in order to get good results even on the first forging attempt. I guess I'll do it again, in the future. Maybe I will come home with a fully sized Katana next time .
Tags: event, forging, knives

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